Finding the right visionary leader for an Executive position is a challenging feat and when you are looking for someone who can visualise your goals & business objectives, it’s even harder.


When it comes to executive leadership hiring, Watson Search Partner has seen multiple aspects change rapidly over the years. Each and every search is unique in its own way, and we have found ourselves in bringing up innovative solutions as a result.


One such story is of a global conglomerate in identifying their Chief Digital Officer. Their ongoing search for this digital leader had not resulted in the desired results. Their ask was to look for a leader who could innovate, strategies and execute at a global platform, with the ability to build and leverage a network of talent across their organization. This entailed having a keen sense in a leader who could foresee and thereby influence business decisions along with an aptitude for changing directions for the evolving business. This leader had to be a one who would be able to bridge technical and business perspectives together, who could make data-driven decisions, and who could effectively communicate these insights cross-functionally.


This search thus required us to come up with a new search strategy and approach to identify a leader who had the ability to transform our client organization into a digital revenue powerhouse. Being a global role, the focus was to spot leaders with digital transformation experience and foster innovation while also having led geographically distributed teams in a matrixed organization. We evaluated for competencies that were a rare blend of experience, domain expertise, and business acumen.


Our journey with both the candidate and client continued over a period of three months resulting in a seamless on boarding process that would help our client achieve its business goals in the long run. Our unique engagement style, quality of profiles and strict adherence to delivery timelines were well-appreciated at the end of this search! We continue to stay connected till today at both ends to ensure smooth transitioning along the way.